Once you have added in your Cleaners, Managers and Clients into Swept, you are able to send them an email invite to welcome them to your company’s Swept app. You are able to personalize the message and email it to them with a link to download the app.

Who Can Send Invites?
Managers and Supervisors (Beta) are able to send the invite.

Where Is This Accessed?:
The Swept Web App. This is available at https://app.sweptworks.com/.

To send an invite through Swept you must log in to the Swept Web App. Once you are logged in please follow the instructions below:

  • On the left hand menu click on “Cleaners”, “Managers” or “Clients”. 
  • On the line of each user you will see the text “Invite”. Click “Invite”.
  • A window will open with an email template. The “To:” field pre-populates with their email address. Invites can only be sent via email.
  • The “Subject” defaults to “Welcome to Swept!” but you can update this with your own subject.
  • The body of the email defaults to the email below with the name, company and email populated with the appropriate information:

“Hi <Name>,

You've been invited to use Swept by <Company>

Your login email is : <Email> and your password has been set to 1234

Click here to download the app for your phone.”

  • Make sure to update the password to the password you have set for this person as it defaults to 1234 for security purposes.
  • Add any additional information you would like to the invite and click “Send”. Once you click “Send” the email will be sent to that person.
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