As an Administrator you can update personal, company, and payroll settings within the Swept Website App.

Within these settings you can set up Travel Time. For more on this please read the following support article: How to Use Travel Time

Where Is This Accessed?

The Swept Web App


Log in to the Swept Website App and move your mouse to the cog wheel in the top right hand corner.

Select "Settings" from the dropdown.
Update your settings (described below) and click the blue “Save” button.  Settings are broken down as follows:

Personal Settings: These settings are associated with you, the user. 

  • Country: Select the country you are in. This will narrow down the timezones in the timezone question below to timezones only in your country.
  • Timezone: Select the time zone you are located in.
  • Language: Choose your preferred language.

System Settings: These are associated with the company. 

  • Country: Select the country your company is located in. 
  • Default Timezone: When a Manager sets up a new location the timezone will default to this timezone.
  • Support Phone Number and Support Email: These appear on a Cleaner’s mobile app when somebody selects "Support" from the top right cog wheel in the mobile app. The "Support Phone Number" and "Support Email" should be somebody who Cleaners can contact with any issues they may have.
  • Client Support Phone Number - This appears on a Client's mobile app main screen. This number should be somebody who a "Client" can contact with any issues they may have.


  • Late setting (minutes): When a scheduled staff member is late for a shift Managers will be notified. Managers are able to set when they are notified by updating this setting. This can be changed to any time frame from 0-1440 minutes.

Payroll Settings

Payroll is where you update your Company’s payroll and timesheet settings. All Managers can update the following payroll information in their settings:

  • For payroll approved hours: Choose whether you would like payroll hours to be approved by recorded hours or scheduled hours. Recorded hours are when the Cleaner signs in and out. Scheduled hours are the hours scheduled for the Cleaner.
  • Pay Frequency: You can choose Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly to align with your company's payroll. 
  • Last Pay Day: This will determine the date range of your payroll. If your “Last Pay Day” is set for Friday March 30th then the Cleaner Time Sheets will begin on Saturday March 31st to the next pay day.

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