Swept provides your team the ability to assign one or more supplies to each of the locations your team cleans. Once assigned, Cleaners, Supervisors, and Managers will have the ability to request supplies as needed. 

Step 1 - Add All Supplies your team uses

Within Swept's Web app, using the navigation on the left, click into Supplies. Here you can add each of the different supplies your company may use at any given location. This becomes your master list you can select from when assigning supplies to a specific location

Step 2 - Assign to a location.
Log in to the Swept Web App and go to Locations in the left hand menu.
Click on the three dots to the right of the location you would like to add supplies to and choose Supplies.

Once selected, you will see a list of all supplies you have added in step 1. Beside each supply there is a checkbox. Simply select the specific supplies you would like your team to be able to request.  

  • The only reason that supplies will not populate under a specific location is that they are not assigned to that location. Once assigned, they will be available to be requested!

Note: While you can add all supplies to all locations, we recommend adding only the select supplies you would like your team to request. This simplifies the process and makes it easier for them to find and request what they need.

Protip: When configuring new locations it is always helpful to assign the supplies before cleaners are approved. This way your staff will know the expectation at that location and the supply orders can start to come in right away. 

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