Test the Waters

Before rolling Swept out to all of your staff, it's recommended to try the software at one or two locations with a handful of staff. You can follow the exact same steps below in order to find out what works best for you and your company. It will also provide insights into the questions your staff will ask, give you time to research the answers and get familiar with the system prior to a full company roll-out.

9 Steps to Successfully Onboarding Cleaners

Set Timelines with Yourself and Your Management Team

The onboarding of your cleaners is like any other project. It takes time and will have to be prioritized against the endless list of other to-dos you have on your plate. That's why it is so important to be intentional about getting your staff onboard. The last thing you want to happen is to get your second bill without having anyone in the system. 

Discuss these questions with your Management team:

  • Who do we want to trial the software? (Protip: always go path of least resistance/most tech savvy)
  • Which locations would be best to start at?
  • What are the most important features for us?
  • What does a successful test of the software look like?
  • How long do we want the test to last?
  • Are we going to roll out in batches or all at once?
  • When do we want 100% of Cleaners and 100% Locations active and signing in?

Proactively Tell Your Staff change is Coming

As with any dramatic change in your workforces' day to day operations you want to make sure they know well in advance. This will give them time to digest, understand, and come to terms with the new direction.

This way you can field questions and help them understand the change as well. 

To help with the transition, be sure to let them know the benefits that Swept provides them as Cleaners as well. 

  • More communication
  • Instant access to their whole team
  • Up-to-date cleaning instructions
  • Ability to instantly request supplies
  • They can let you know how they feel with a mood prompt once a week
  • Alerts and reminders about shift changes
  • View their hours and approved time for expected pay

Gather Their Information

Occasionally cleaning companies do not have the required information to create the staff accounts. Doing your due diligence early and having all of the necessary information ready is a great first step to hitting your timelines. 

If you do not already have their information you can use the Cleaner Sign Up Sheet here.

Add Their Information Into Swept

Once you have all of your staffs information you can add it into the Swept system in one of two ways. Manually or with the Swept upload tool. Find out which is best for you here

Configure Your Locations and Approve Your Staff

Now that their information is in, be sure that all of your Locations are added and configured. If you have not done this, watch the 17-minute Manager's Configuration Video here

For the locations you wish for your staff to see, ensure that you only approve them to the locations that they service. This is covered in the above video.

Set a Deadline for When to Start Using Swept

Decide with your management team:

  • When you want the first Cleaners to start using Swept
  • How long you want the trial to last
  • When you want 100% of Cleaners to be using Swept

Send "Invite" Emails With Login Information

Through the Swept app, you can send a preformatted email with your Cleaners username and password and a link to download the app:

Introduce Them to the App

One way or another you'll have to tell your staff about Swept, and from experience, simply providing the invite email is not enough. Swept usually recommends doing one of three options:

The goal is to ensure they are aware of what's happening and start them down the road of orienting themselves with the app. To help do this, Swept has created a 2-page handout you can print and provide to your staff when you see them.

Provide the Getting Started Resources 

Now provide your staff the necessary tutorials they will need to fully understand the software. Depending on the method they will use to sign in and what is available, you can provide them with any of the three links: 

Follow up with Supervisors/Cleaners

After your staff have used the Swept system as you had asked them to do, take the time to follow up with them. The best thing to do while getting things off the ground is to consistently ask for their feedback. The more engaged your staff are the higher the chance of success.

Best Practices:

Increase Employee Engagement

  • Encourage the use of the mood report
  • Send a message to the message board as a welcome and let them know all communicate will be done through the app
  • Encourage employee-to-employee problem solving
  • Upon roll-out, do employee incentives for using the message board, such as entering them into a draw for a gift card (this can be done on a monthly basis)

Introduce an Employee Retention Program

  • The sooner an employee retention program can be set up the better. More engaged employees means less churn, higher job satisfaction, and less cost
  • As mentioned above, providing monthly incentives for app usage is an option
  • Semi-regular team activities
  • Semi-regular paid-for lunches
  • etc

Be Clear on the Features They Are to Use

  • No matter what you purchased Swept for make sure it is clear to your staff why you purchased the software and what you need them to do with it
  • Without them understanding your expectations, the chance of success drop dramatically

Treat it Like You're Providing New Uniforms

A good way to think about rolling out Swept is to treat it as though you're providing your staff new uniforms. Think about how you would most comfortably accomplish that and then model the roll-out of Swept after it. 

Does it make more sense for your team to all get together at once, or would you prefer to go see them one on one? And you'll have to let them know when they're expected to start wearing the new shirts as well!


Swepts Customer Success team has helped hundreds of companies, big and small, undergo this exact change. Over the years we have become proficient at providing timely advice that matches the pace and needs of our customers. If you have any questions at all, contact customersuccess@sweptworks.com

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