Swepts 6 Step Process for Successfully Onboarding Clients:

  1. Let them know change is coming and their participation will make a world of difference in the service you'll be able to provide
  2. Provide them an in-person demonstration (if possible)
  3. If not possible, send the introductory Clients Guide to Swept email template
  4. Follow up with the "Invite" email done through the Web App
  5. Provide the Client's Guide to Swept Video Tutorial
  6. Follow up in person to see if they have any questions

For more details and further explanation of the above, please read on :)

Why Your Clients Should Use Swept?

  • One place for all cleaning related communication
  • Fastest response rate
  • Instantly connected to multiple Managers and Supervisors
  • Give feedback
  • Send priority messages

How to Onboard Your Clients

Best Practices

  • Tell your clients in advance you're moving to a communication-based system and their involvement is key to providing proactive, quality service
  • Make sure they are aware you are running a Quality Assurance program and you would love for them to be a part of it
  • Let them know if other clients are already using it and the positive results it has had on the relationship and quality of service

Provide a Demonstration in Real Time 

Show the client how their app experience would integrate with your day-to-day operations. For example:

  • A cleaner is on site, show the client you can see they've signed in on your Manager app
  • Send a message as a Cleaner to you the Manager that a boardroom is in use and they will be unable to clean it that night
  • As a Manager, send a message to the Client letting them know about the boardroom and that you'll get to it upon your next visit
  • The Client receives the message

The purpose is to show the Client that by using the Swept system you can proactively address any issues that may arise. The quality of the cleaning remains intact, the relationship grows and the client remains satisfied. 

Add and Invite the Client

Before you show the Client and they have indicated whether or not they want to be a part of the system, add their account to your Swept account. Click here to learn how to add data to Swept. Be proactive and increase the chances of adoption.

After they have indicated they are interested, send a quick "Invite" email with the click of a button. Through the Swept Web App, navigate to Clients > Find their name and press the invite button. This will automatically generate an email with their username and password so that they can get up and running instantly. 

Other Onboarding Methods:

If an in-person demonstration is not possible Swept has drafted email templates for your use. They can be used to inform them of the ensuing change and that you'd appreciate their participation. 

Describe to Your Client How Swept Works - Email Template
Communicating Swept for Inspections - Email Template

Additionally, the Client's Guide to Using Swept Video Tutorial should be sent to the client once they are ready as well. 

Follow Up With Your Client

Whenever you're introducing something new to clients, prospects or your own staff it's best to follow up to see how they are doing. 

  • Do they have any questions?
  • How are they finding the app/experience so far?
  • Is there anything that could be better? (learn how to submit feature requests)
  • Would they like to communicate at a set frequency? If so, how often?

The goal is to ensure your clients' needs are being met and that they are comfortable with the tool you just provided them. This will ensure all the work you just did to get them in the system was worthwhile.

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