What is the Schedule Variance Report For?

The Schedule Variance Report is a report available in Swept of all worked shifts that were scheduled and signed in/out of. The difference between the scheduled and recorded hours will appear here for all staff at all locations.
You are able to download this information into a PDF or .CSV (CSVs can be opened in spreadsheet programs like Excel or Google Sheets) report. This download includes a total option for the schedule variance of each location.

Why is the Schedule Variance Report Useful? 

The purpose of the report is to learn how accurately you are assessing the scope of work and the human resources required for any particular job. This allows you to reassess current efforts and to make more informed decisions on future bids. 

As well, it can be filtered down to understand if any staff are consistently over or under time. This can give Managers cause to reach out and an indication of when and where to schedule inspections to find out why. 

How to Use the Schedule Variance Report?

First to navigate to the Schedule Variance Report:

  1. Log into the Swept Web App
  2. Click "Dashboard" along the left-hand side
  3. Select "Schedule Variance Report" under "Reports".

It will look like this:

Each sign in will be presented next to the associated scheduled shift so Managers can see:

  • who worked,
  • where, 
  • when, and
  • how their recorded time matched their scheduled time

Protip: It's best practice when looking at the Schedule Variance to understand what you want to look for and then execute on that search. By using the schedule variance you can see:

  • which locations are being under or over serviced (too many or too few hours)
  • who takes more or less time (at a location or in general)
  • if your scheduled time is proportional to the time your staff require to clean

Once you've determined what information you want to find you can filter to find more relevant data. As seen above, your four options are:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Cleaner/supervisor
  • Variance greater than or less than a specific amount (ex. > 15 minutes)

How Do I Download the Schedule Variance Report?

Click on “Download Report” in the top right hand corner.

A pop up will appear with the option to download by CSV or PDF. If you choose PDF you can also choose to separate the pages by checking “One group per page”.

Getting More out of the Schedule Variance Report

Make time in your schedule to come up with a few (2-3) assumptions about your team and locations and then test them against the Schedule Variance Report. Intentionally making time for this will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the state of your cleaning company and get to know your workforce better.

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