Scheduling Managers now have the ability to add labels onto any shift. This helps Managers schedule, visualize and assess the frequency of any specific task at any one location. Cleaners and Supervisors can see these labels through the "Schedules" tab on their Mobile Apps so you can help advise them on their duties without sending a message.

Adding Labels

The "add label" field is an open text field meaning Managers can add any label they want in the context that their team understands (note that labels do not translate). 

Filtering by Labels

Managers may also filter by labels on the tabular and calendar views to help them understand the routine and consistency in which particular locations are being serviced. 

For example, below you can narrow down:

  • which location (Locaton X), 
  • on which day (Thursday September 21st), 
  • which supervisor (Kami Brown) is going to be completing,
  • which task (weekly inspection)

For more general information, please watch our Scheduling with Swept Video Tutorial

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