Regardless of whether you as manager noticed something that is not working correctly on the Web App or a cleaner on their mobile device, the process for issue reporting is the same. 

To be able to fix an issue, the issue needs to be reproduced. So when communicating an issue to Swept it's most helpful to have enough information so that we can reproduce here at the office. The more info the better :)

Please note that the time to resolution is directly impacted by the quality and quantity of data Swept receives from the onset. To ensure the quickest possible submission of any one issue, please submit both the Observed and Expected behaviour as outlined below.

Observed Behaviour:

Indicate to Swept what is happening at the time of the incident including:

  1. What account type was being used (Admin Manager, Manager, Supervisor, Cleaner)
  2. Web App or Mobile App
  3. When the issue occurred (time and day)
  4. Devices, browser, location and app version (whichever is applicable)
  5. What steps were taken leading up to the observed issue
  6. What was the issue?
  7. Which users other than yourself were involved? (if applicable)
  8. What did you input into a given field? (if applicable)

Expected Behaviour: 

Indicate to Swept what you expected the system to do and how you expected it to behave, including:

  1. Which feature were you using?
  2. How does that feature normally respond?


Issue: Editing late notification settings doesn't save

Observed Behaviour: As a Manager, I was on the Web App version 3.18.0 using my Windows 10 HP laptop with browser Google Chrome. I went to the gear icon on the top-right, clicked on the settings link and changed my late settings to 15 minutes, lastly I clicked saved. 

When the next late notification from my cleaner, Andrew Stewart at Location XYZ on September 18th, 2PM EST came in, it was 30 minutes after he has signed in. Not 15 as I had wanted. When I checked the late settings it said 30 minutes and not 15, so it appears not to have saved. 

I set it again to 15 minutes, clicked save, checked the settings and it still said 30 minutes. It appears the save button is broken.

Expected Behaviour: When setting my late notification time setting on the Web App it should save when I edit and click submit. 

Disclaimer: this is not a real issue, the issue described above is for demonstration purposes only and the user late settings are working correctly. 

Again, the more information the better as it will help the Swept Customer Success team move your issue through the queue and onto the to-do list of our Development team. Your patience and time are always appreciated.

How Do I Know if My Issue Was Fixed?

Swept is continuously releasing new versions which include anything from feature requests to security enhancements to known issues. These releases are pushed out on a semi-regular basis and more frequently if a severe issue is realized. 

To inform our customer base we send out a message for each major release. You can view release updates in our release section of the support center here.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the Swept Customer Success team. 

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