There are currently five account types in Swept, classified by level of authorization and functionality. 

Admin Manager

Every company in Swept must have at least one Admin Manager. This is the individual who oversees all company operations and is responsible for the authorization of location information and permissions of all other account types. 

The Admin Manager can:

  • Create new accounts for personnel
  • Set permissions for Managers and Supervisors
  • Set approved locations for Managers, Supervisors and Cleaners
  • Set notification functionality per location for Managers and Supervisors
  • Set system settings such as: cleaner support phone #, client support phone #, and cleaner support email

Click here to learn more about Managing Swept as an Administrator.

To learn how Admin Manager accounts are created, please see here


A Manager account type is for managers within the company who do not have complete authorization to create and delete personnel and have no need to clock hours. 

The functionality of a Manager is set by the Admin Manager and can be very limited or very broad depending on the organization structure. Below are the following permissions that can be set:

For more information on what these permissions enable, please see here


The Supervisor account type is for individuals with managerial duties (inspections, supply delivery, scheduling, etc) that still require the ability to sign into a location and clock hours.

The functionality of a Supervisor is limited the same as a Manager by the Admin Manager while still being able to sign into a location or shift to record worked hours. Supervisors can also schedule themselves for work if their job requires them to do so.

For more information on the Supervisor account type please see here.  


The Cleaner account type is for staff that are strictly out in the field, signing into locations/shifts to record worked hours and require no managerial functionality. 

The functionality of Cleaners is broad and communication driven. They can: sign in/out, report problems, report poor moods, communicate to their team/managers, request supplies, access cleaning instructions, access security information and more.

For the Cleaner Intro Video (orientation video for your cleaners), please click here


The Client account type is for the point of contact(s) you as a cleaning company need to communicate with about the service you are providing. 

Clients can currently, access their client message board so that they can communicate with your management team, and access a support number through the app. 

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