"Invalid Location" is caused by a staff member calling in from a number that has not been added to the location under "Approved Call-in Numbers". This can be caused by:

  • A different (unapproved) phone being used at the building (note: a phone down the hall/on a different floor could easily have a different phone number)
  • The building phone number has not yet been confirmed and added to your Swept system
  • Caller ID is blocked

To Approve a Verified Phone Number to a Location:

To Verify a Phone Number:

  1. Go to the physical location or ask a supervisor on site to call you and complete the following
  2. Find the physical landline phone at the location your client has authorized your team to use to sign out
  3. Dial your cell-phone number from that specific landline
  4. View the displayed number on your cell-phone to confirm the landline number

Note: if no number is displayed or 'Private Number' is shown then Caller ID is blocked. Typically this happens for security measures. If this happens you can request Swept's Customer Success team to provide you a Local Number instead of a toll-free number. 

If the number displayed is not already on the list of  "Approved Call-in Numbers" for that location, the error "Invalid Location" will be returned to your staff upon attempting to sign in.

For more information on how to set up IVR please see our support article here.

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