Upon completion of an inspection report, all managers who are approved to the location in which the inspection was completed, will automatically be sent an email with a PDF of the report. 

Next, Managers/Supervisors then have the option to send the inspection report to Cleaners or Clients with a note in the form of PDF sent via email. 

Lastly, Swept has additional notifications that are unique to each location in which an email address can be added and triggered when certain events take place (ex. problem reported).

Any one of the above situations can result in a "Mail Delivery Error" to your email inbox and the root cause could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • An email address is misspelled
  • An email address is not verifiable
  • An email address is not real 

If you do receive an error message, Swept asks that you try to find and correct the email address. If assistance is required please contact us at customersuccess@sweptworks.com.

Protip: always use real email addresses when adding users to Swept to avoid delivery errors

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